Umbra | Droplet Clear Toothbrush Holder

Umbra | Droplet Clear Toothbrush Holder

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Droplet Toothbrush Holder is part of Umbra’s Droplet collection, a series of bathroom décor items replicating a drop of pure water, through shape and transparency. Made of durable, strong acrylic, Droplet gives off the illusion of delicate glass, but is practical and breakage-resistant. The top of the holder is removable for easy cleaning. Droplet’s large, oval-shaped compartments can accommodate four thick-handled toothbrushes and provide sufficient space between them. This toothbrush holder measures at 3.5 dia. x 3.75 inch (8.9 dia. x 9.5 cm) and is a clean, modern addition to any bathroom.

  • Organization: Droplet’s wide, oval shaped compartments can accommodate four thick-handled toothbrushes, while creating sufficient separation between the brushes
  • Simple and Attractive: Droplet has a clean, minimalist design, emulating tranquility through its teardrop shape and transparent colour
  • Sturdy, Thick Material: Though appearing delicate and thin, droplet is physically strong and resistant to breakage, constructed using durable acrylic molding
  • Easy To Clean: Droplet is simple to clean by rinsing with soapy water and wiping down. the toothbrush holder’s top is removable for washing

Colour: Clear

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