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Cuisinart | 4.4 Qt (4.1L) Round Casserole with Self-Basting Cover


The Cuisinart 4.4 Qt Cast Iron Round Casserole provides superior heat retention for braising, stewing, simmering – and of course baking your very own homemade bread!

One of the main benefits of baking with cast iron is that it gives your homemade bread a perfectly crisp and golden crust!

  • Cast Iron Construction: Provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution
  • Great for slow cooking and simmering one-pot meals
  • Ice Cube Feature: Add water or ice cubes on the lids recessed surface during cooking to speed up the self-basting system
  • Warm vapor meets the cool lid, promoting condensation and water droplets on the lid’s underside, continually basting the food below
  • Self-Basting Covers: Embossed studs on the inside cover create a "rain effect" to continuously baste the food as it cooks
  • Flat covers ensure that less moisture escapes while cooking

SKU: CIB644-24BLC, CIB644-24CRC, CIB644-24GC