Beekman1802 | Bar Soap Gift Set

Beekman1802 | Bar Soap Gift Set

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 This beautifully packaged gift set, contains 3.5oz sample bar soaps of the following fragrances:  Arcadia, Pure Goat Milk, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla Absolute.

Great gift idea for Mother's Day.  


Arcadia - T: Orange, Muguet M: Clematis, Patchouli, Jasmine B: Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla Essential Oils: Orange, Armoise, Patchouli

Pure Goat Milk - Completely fragrance free.  Creamy goat milk and botanicals deeply nourish and moisturize skin, giving you long lasting freshness. 

Ylang Ylang - T: Bergamot M: Ylang Blossom, Jasmine B: Tuberose, Amber Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Bergamot

Vanilla Absolute - T: Sheer Lily, Dewy Muguet, Orange. M: Vanilla, Golden Amber. B: Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli. Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Orange, Patchouli.


  • Natural
  • Triple-milled
  • Cruelty-Free goat milk
  • Gentle, moisturizing, and nourishing botanicals
  • Long-lasting freshness


  • 100% vegetable soap base that gets you squeaky-clean–without the squeak
  • Triple-milled to last even longer, extending all of the benefits of nourishing goat milk down to the very last lather
  • Goat Milk boosts skin health with the same pH as human skin, and it’s rich in lactic acid, vitamins, and minerals to help renew and strengthen skin