Acetaia Dodi | “Balsalamphone” Raspberry Condiment

Acetaia Dodi | “Balsalamphone” Raspberry Condiment

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This "Balsalampone" Raspberry Condiment, is obtained according to the artisanal combination of concentrated must of white grapes, white wine vinegar and
raspberry purée.

Ideal condiment for salads, roast meat, boiled meat,
pork fillet and game. Excellent for the preparation of
sauces and mousses.
Complement for ice creams and sorbets.

Ingredients:  concentrated must of white grapes, white
wine vinegar, raspberry purée

Storage:  Protect from direct sunlight.  Once opened, store at room temperature.
It’s subject to natural browning.  No loss in organoleptic even when the bottle was